Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little update

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, don't really know why, but I'll explore that in the future, I promise. Right now my laptop is at Best Buy getting repaired. Sophia has kinda destroyed it, the whole back is coming off and the shift key is gone (otherwise it works fine) but I'll be without it for 2-4 weeks. And blogging on the iPad is hard, mostly because I have a major Uno and Fruit Ninja addiction...

But I'm on my parents' computer right now, so here's the update.

On April 25th, I had another set of scans. They showed no shrinkage in the tumors from the March 9ths scans. So that means chemo has done all it can for now. Now initially I wasn't thrilled with this info, but it turns out this is pretty positive stuff, again will explain in the future. Another thing that didn't excite me was finding out the blood clot is still there and the same size, so SIUH totally got their info wrong. Ugh!

So the plan now is to radiate the brain, get rid of the brain mets (woohoo) and go back on the blood thinners. I met with the radiation team yesterday, they are really nice, funny, and crazy positive. Just another reason I love Sloan, they are like, let's kill these mets and get that shit out of your brain. They also were explaining to me that I have been responding very fast and well to my meds which is something I need to be expressly told (cause I'm a doof and only understand things when you use small words!) and I came out of that apt feeling like a million bucks.

So I start radiation next week and I will def lose my hair, but I think I can handle it. I just hope Sophia is cool with it. I have to say, even though I'm not enthused at the idea of my bald head, I hate the idea of cancer in my brain even more! So I'm ready for the fight.

Also I never went and got the tattoo I was going for, I just felt too tired, mostly because I did a lot of stuff for Sophia's birthday this past weekend. But I'll likely get it after treatment if Dr. Chan says it's ok.

Otherwise more blogs will come I promise. Thank you again for all the love and support. I am not joking when I say that knowing you are all behind me is what gets me thru this.

And a special shout out to the Cucu Cancer Fighters! My cousins' Relay for Life team that they created in support of me (how fucking cool are they?) The relay was this past weekend in Barnegat, NJ. They raised over 5 grand!!!! They deserve a standing ovation I think! Much love to all who contributed! And a special hand to Jessica, Beth, ToniAnn and Tracey for all their hard work. Esp. Jessica who hosted Jewelry parties and fundraisers. You guys rock and I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Much love to all!

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