Thursday, June 28, 2012

As drug side effects go...

Tarceva has by far the weirdest one ever.  "Unusual eyelash behavior".  I'm so not kidding.  The first time I was made aware of this fact was when I was getting prepped for a cat scan.  The nurse placing the IV was looking at my eyes, I thought she was concerned about pink eye or something.  But she explained she was looking at my lashes because people who are on Tarceva for a long time have beautiful lashes.

I was like "for real?" and she said, "Oh yeah, just wait."  She wasn't kidding.  My lashes are longer and darker.  Not much fuller though.  But they look like they are perfectly mascara'd, no clumps but thick and rich.  It's so noticable that several people have mentioned it to me, asking me if their fake or if I have been using that lash medicine, Latisse.  (Interesting note about Latisse, it is actually one half of a glaucoma drug.  People who were using it for glaucoma reported that their lashes were getting longer and stronger.  So the savvy drug people isolated all the components to figure out what was causing this effect.  And once they nailed it they marketed it and will prob make more money on that than on the original medicine.)

Now what is so unusual about lucious lashes?  Well they don't just look fab, they actually can go a little haywire.  As in growing in the wrong direction.  So I have to pluck a few a week because they are literally jabbing my eyeballs!!  Yeah it's totally sexy and not at all painful.

The other "unusual aspect" is the texture of the lashes.  They are SO course.  When one falls out or is plucked I just marvel at it, it feels like a damn pine needle.

So I have to say, when it comes to weird side effects, Tarceva wins!!

But I'm cool with it, makes eyeliner look pretty damn good. ;)


  1. I swear I'm coming to meet you the next time you are at MSK. First, I want to see these lashes... but mostly, I'd love to meet YOU..... We are part of the Sloan family and that makes us related. Blood relatives, maternal relatives, blah blah.. nope, we are cancer relatives....

    Hope you are feeling okay....


  2. I will be on 53rd street July 2 and 16th. Are you ever in that building?

    I think the appropriate term is cancer sisters. HA!

    How are you doing babe?