Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things I never thought

...I'd be comfortable with pre-cancer.


Being strapped down to a table by a mask on my face

Getting blood tests without wanting to pass out

Throwing up regularly

Having a port

Plucking my eyelashes

Having a tube in my chest to drain fluid at home

and my favorite

Standing naked in my kitchen putting Glad "Press n Seal" on my stomach to protect the tube in the shower


  1. I'm pretty sure Michael Bay is securing the rights to your life's story right about now. Soon, you'll be ready to battle Robots of Unusual Size (RUS)! Good luck!

  2. Cancer sister, here..... although, I'm on the "out of active treatment" phase and I got the pink cancer....

    Yes, I am on 53rd Street! I was away on July 2nd so I didn't see your note. I'm not going to be at MSK this month with the exception of this coming Wednesday for a volunteer meeting. If I find myself with any excuse to run in next Monday, I will be in touch!

    Hugs and love